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i'm grace

Currently, I'm living in a small apartment with my high school sweetheart in Sag Harbor, New York. We've been married for three years and have called a host of cities home. My husband has the gift of finding beauty in places where it's hard to see it. He has pushed me to look deeper into the ordinary to find beauty. Together we have created a home by making ourselves aware of all the good that we have, both small and big. We humans put so much heart into our homes, don't we? Home is a safe place, a sanctuary. My hope is that when I step into someone else's home to photograph their family, I will quickly become aware of the good that dwells in their space - that I will capture the raw and honest parts of who that family is. We don't need fancy cameras and extravagant houses to make worthwhile pictures. There is much to be celebrated in the right now and it's worth documenting wether we're ready for it or not. Let there be blur and mess, spills and rips. It's real and it's lovely. Amen amen. 

So there's my heart. I would love to step into your space and document the wild and brilliant home you have created. Cheers.